Thursday, November 23, 2017

Ice Lesson

It rained yesterday Then the temperature dropped. I know from experience that all this means ice will form. When I stepped out the Eastern door this morning, the intense cold greeted my feet, but even with all this information, I forgot to be mindful of my steps. I slipped anyway.

This got me thinking about how, no matter how mindful I might be in the moment, I will still forget and slip. I might slip into worry or fear or doubt, or focusing on the past. I can look at this as a failure or I can consider it another opportunity to re-focus on my practice.

Today, I am grateful for everything that happens in my life, and how each experience is an opportunity for me to learn something I didn't know before.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Slow Change

The morning glow was a distinct shade of pale pale blue. Gradually, Sky become brighter and more white. As it did, it occurred to me that most change happens slowly. I worked hard to attend to the subtle changes as they unfolded in front of me.

This got me thinking that most of the imperceptibility of change has to do with me not being willing to devote the time to notice.

Today, I will be doing me best to notice the slow subtle changes that are happening around me all the time. 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Star Rise

As I sit in the early morning darkness, I watch a Star rise.  I know it is rising, because there is a leafless branch between me and the Star that I can use as a reference.  When I first sit down, it is below the branch, then behind, then above. Sky starts to shine brighter, and I know that the Sun is not for behind.

All this broadens my perspective to include the slowly turning Earth that brings me morning, the path of Earth around Sun that brings Winter, and the place in which our solar system lives in the Milky-way. It's easy for me to lose track of this larger perspective, and I am grateful to Star for reminding me.

Today, I will be remembering Star as I walk through my day, and thinking about how walking on Earth is like walking on an enormous log floating in the river of Space.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Owl Wings

Owl hooted in the South. Suddenly, I saw a flash of Owl's wing, just before she disappeared behind the roof of the screen house. Then she hooted from the North. I was grateful to have caught even a glimpse of her, as she winged silently above my head.

This reminded me how important it is to keep my eyes open. Head up, eyes open, so I don't miss the possibilities that exist right in from of me, right here, right now.

Today, I will be doing my best to pay attention to each moment of my day. Maybe I'll see Owl's wing again.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Infinite Gray

The first thing that caught my attention this morning was the color of the Sky. Grays and whites morphing into brighter whites with gleaming yellow hues. The variety was staggering, and changing constantly. It was wondrous.

This got me thinking about the infinite complexity of reality. I am grateful to be able to take in such wonder simply by looking up. The bounty of this beauty is available to me constantly.

Today, I will be doing my best to stop, look, and listen, and enjoy the infinite riches that surround me.

Saturday, November 18, 2017


At first, in the dim morning light, there was almost no sound. Then, from the South, I heard Bird begin to chirp quietly. This chirp informed my experience of the existence of my bird cousin.

This got me thinking about greeting my fellow humans. When I say, “Hello,” I am saying, “I am here, and I recognize that you are here, too.” Like Bird, my saying hello has some effect on bringing me into being.

I am grateful to be here today, and I am grateful to be able to say hello to whomever I meet. I look forward to finding out who I will meet today, and what effect they will have on my life. I will begin by going back outside and saying “Hello” to bird.

Friday, November 17, 2017


This morning, I saw Crow in the Sky. Hurtling Southwesterly, Crow was folding and stretching wings through the gusty wind. It looked like fun to me.

Crow got me thinking. If I had to make the choice between winging through the Sky in communion with the bluster, or coming back to the ground to find food for the day, I would pick the Sky. I would forgo the comfort of food for the experience of unpredictable flight. Thing is, the wind that lifts me today might not be around tomorrow.

This reminds me that sometimes the next right thing is not the safe thing. So I ask myself, “What life enriching choice can I make, right here, right now?” The wind of life might toss me to the ground, but it just might send me to heights I can't even imagine.

Today, I choose to fly.