Thursday, October 19, 2017

7 Billion Geniuses-The Music Metaphor VI-Flowers


As Autumn progresses, the flowers around the cabin begin to turn brown. Some drop their seeds to the ground, some shrivel and turn to dust to be carried off on the Wind. I realize that this process actually started weeks ago. Each flower had its peak color, and started to fade, but it only now that I start to notice.

There is a line that I wrote in a song. The song is called Flowers. The line is, “Flowers grow and die away, and don't ask for another day.” The song is a testament to the wisdom of Flowers. They live fully in every moment, and die away when it is time. They don't wait for the perfect moment, or hold back because of what someone might think. These are traps I have fallen into.

Today, I am grateful for the wisdom of Flowers, and the lessons they have taught me. Today, I will live more like Flowers.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


There are four ideas that form the foundation of my personal practice. They are acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude, and service. This is how they weave into my life today. I accept the pain that I have to deal with in each moment. I forgive myself for the mistakes I made that lead to the injury. I am grateful for the things I can do the the pain does not prevent. I do what I can do to be of use in spite of the injury.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Through the trees to the East of the cabin I see the crescent Moon hanging low, accompanied by a single star. As it is dark in the early morning, I know that the moon will be with me throughout the day, crossing invisibly, just ahead of the Sun.

I am grateful for the Moon and will be paying attention to the energy it contributes to it's more obvious partner.

Monday, October 16, 2017


Every morning, as I collect Mint leaves for my tea, I return to the fact that the Mint I use grows from roots that were given to me by a friend. Her father collected the roots from the town where I was born.

I am grateful to my friend, her father, and the plants for the daily connection I have to them and the place of my birth.

Sunday, October 15, 2017


As I split wood, every log I pick up and put on the chopping block is a reminder. I am reminded of the trees I brought down to provide us with heat this Winter. I am reminded of the damage I did not do to the cabin or myself in doing so. I am also reminded of the mistakes I made when I cut a log too short or too long. Both instances will require some form of adjustment in the splitting process that will mean more work.

As I ponder this, it occurs to me that no matter what I encounter in the splitting process, eventually all the wood will be split and stacked. Finally, it will all be burned, along with the evidence of my mistakes. As we burn the wood this Winter, all my errors will turn onto smoke and vanish up through the chimney. All that will be left is knowledge.

Today, I will be paying attention to the fact that everything I do creates knowledge. I can use this knowledge to inform the moment I am in, or to keep me stuck in past mistakes.

Saturday, October 14, 2017


Yesterday was a particularly poignant day for me. It was filled with many connections and re-connections. There were moments I will cherish and moments that invite doubt and insecurity. All of these thoughts are seductive and pull me out of what is currently happening in my life.

Today, I will be working to return to the Now where I can begin to inhabit the possibilities sparked by yesterday, while avoiding becoming mired in reminiscences and regret.