Sunday, April 30, 2017

As a human, I have to deal with hard situations. One of the hardest is when someone I care about gets mad at me. It's hard for me because it happens when I have let someone down. It is not my intention to let people down, but it happens. When it does, I take it up as an opportunity to practice what I preach.

First, I pay attention to my breath. Am I holding in my gut and breathing in my chest? If I am, I let my diaphragm go and take my breath back.

Next, I notice the difference between what I can control an what I can't. When I find something I can't control back on my plate, I let it go.

Then I think about my four practices; acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude and service, and I pick one and do it.

Then I notice what is going on around me. How does the air smell? How warm is it? What is the light like? Out of my mind, back to my senses.

Then I remember that whatever I did, I did it with the information I had at the time, doing the best I could. This usually gives me the energy to remember that I can't change what did, but I can use the experience to effect what I do now.

Now that I'm back, what do I choose to do next?

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