Monday, May 1, 2017

In one moment I notice that the Robins have returned to the Eastern side of the cabin. In another, I notice that the hawk is flying West when she hunts. Robin and Hawk live not 50 yards from each other, yet now each lives its life. A Hawk could kill a Robin so quickly the Robin wouldn't even realize what had happened. 

The Birds remind me that awareness and worry are not the same thing. 

Worry is about what might be. 

Awareness is about what is. 

A Robin can live safely, but only in a cage. A free aware Robin pays attention to when the Hawk starts for fly west to hunt, leaving the Eastern side of the house for the Robin to do her own hunting. Might the Hawk come back? Yes, but Hawk isn't here now.

The Birds remind me that my life isn't about begin safe. Nor is it about what might happen. It is about living in the context of real risk, and not letting it take me out of the wonder of this moment.

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