Friday, May 5, 2017

Some mornings I am particularly inspired by what happens in my life, and I get ideas for more than one journal entry. That happened yesterday. Having three in the bag, I found it difficult to pay attention to what was going on this morning, as Birchy and I sat on the porch eating breakfast. 

This reminded me of the times when I am so distracted by what I am going to say in response, that I stop paying attention to words of the person with whom I am talking. When this happens, I miss out. Holding onto what I'm going to say has me missing out on was transpires in the mean time. I have checked out and am stuck in the conversation's past. I prefer to shape my response after the speaker is done, and I have taken in all that was said. It keeps me in the moment of the conversation, not stuck in the past of previous thoughts and limited conclusions. 

Returning to the moment and realizing what was going on this morning inspired me to write this. Now I have. And here we are.

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