Sunday, May 7, 2017

This morning, I woke and wondered what I would notice and what it would teach me. Later, while I was doing my breath work, I realized I was still holding onto that thought. I noticed Peeper, Chipmunk on the wood pile, and Ovenbird singing in the forest, and realized I was holding onto them as well. Then I remembered the Zen Koan about the professor looking for wisdom, the Master, and the overflowing tea cup. The master tells the professor, “I can not teach you. Your cup is already full.”

Someone once told me to remember to empty the bucket. So I let go of what I notice, I let go or Peeper, Chipmunk, and Ovenbird, I let go of the professor, the Master, and the tea cup. Now I let go of the bucket, and I am here.

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