Saturday, May 6, 2017

This morning I saw Chipmunk on the wood pile. It reminded me of a moment last year when the there was a Chipmunk on the wood pile. Seeing last year's Chipmunk was followed by the flash of Hawk's wing, and no more Chipmunk. Having had the memory, I scanned the trees for Hawk. If I saw her, I impulsed, I could warn Chipmunk.

Then it occurred to me. If a warn Chipmunk and Hawk fails, Hawk will simply have to go somewhere else for her breakfast. Do I warn Centipede off from Chipmunk? And all any of this accomplishes is making death happen somewhere else. I realized that this all speaks to a rather misguided relationship to death. Staying alive can not be the focus of existence. Death is not the opposite of life. Death is to life as steps are to walking. I am left grateful for this moment, ever poised between its beginning and its end.

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